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Please find your trace code on the top of product packaging (Y0025)

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Healthy and Natural Fish with an Identity

Samudra Lucky is the first marine farm in Indonesia with a fish identity code. A code was printed to its packaging, which could be traced on the lucky samudra homepage online , providing a complete history of the fish from the fry stage through to maturity, including its feed, medication, and breeding process.

All fish shipped by Samudra Lucky are packaged in this way so that its breeding process can be traced back to the fry stage. And our consumers can feel assured that the fish they are eating is safe

Its easy just find your product indentity code on the top of product packaging and then key in your indentity code on the trace code box above.

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Processing Plant

We are an integrated HACCP-based processing company and one of the USDC approved and recommended producers. As our processing plant is located in the fish discharging area at Muara Baru fishery territory in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia, it is guaranteed that we will always be able to get good steady supply of qualified fresh fish which has been carefully and strictly selected to be processed for our customers. All products are HACCP-based produced ranging from Fresh products (whole round tuna, DWT, GG, H & G, and Loins) to frozen products (saku, steaks, loins, chunk meat, cubes, minced meat, side meat, tail cut meat, belly, burgers, Collar, and Tail).

Marine Farm

Our current main export markets are Japan and America with the potential Europe market to explore further.
As an integrated HACCP-based processing company, we have our own fishing vessels, well-trained and experienced workers, state of the art technology, cold storage facility, well carefully designed processing plant, wide safe convenient working space for workers, and professional experts to forge a very powerful operation chains. In order to increase the source of fresh fish and product range, we have taken another step forward to develop a marine culture project in Thousand Islands of Indonesia. We have now marine culture in Kongsi Island located at South 5°38'96" East 106°33'83".